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ENTRE Institute is an online education company that's on a mission to disrupt the traditional education system and usher a new generation of ‘ENTREpreneurs’ into the world. We provide our students with the complete ecosystem they need to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur, including digital courses, coaching, community, tools, events, and more.
Jeff Lerner
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

From broke jazz musician to award-winning entrepreneur… Jeff Lerner’s story and teachings have inspired millions to get control of their future and reshape their life.

Jeff spent his 20s as a jazz pianist, often playing in the homes of successful CEOs and entrepreneurs, who inspired him to pursue entrepreneurship. At 29 he retired from professional piano to focus on entrepreneurship full-time.

In his 30s Jeff grew 5 different business to 7 or 8 figures and landed 4 times on the INC 5000. In 2018, at 39 years old, he exited his 2 remaining businesses and instead of retiring turned his focus toward helping others improve their lives through his unique "ENTREpreneurial Life Operating system".

In 2019 that focus became ENTRE, now one of the fastest growing education platforms in the world with over 250,000 students.

He also hosts Unlock Your Potential, a top 50 entrepreneurship and personal development podcast, and in 2022 published a bestselling book by the same name which peaked at #2 on the national non-fiction list.

He currently maintains an active schedule of speaking events and media appearances while serving as CEO of ENTRE, hosting his podcast, investing in and consulting for other businesses, and publishing free educational content on social media for his fast growing audience. He is married, an active father to 4 children, never misses a workout, and still plays the piano 1 hour per day.

Adam Whiting
Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Full-time husband and father and part-time golf aficionado, Adam is the visionary leader behind the scenes, using the expertise he has gained from his 10+ years’ experience in the digital marketing and software space to take ENTRE from scrappy start-up to quickly emerging as one of the fastest growing online education companies in the world.

Adam hit a hole in one when he utilized his keen understanding of what it takes to operate a successful business by leading the charge on the development and launch of Entresoft, a full suite of tools developed to simplify managing many of the functions required to operate a successful business.

Amber Lutui
Chief of Staff

Sometimes referred to as “Jeff’s Secret Weapon”, Amber has been working alongside Jeff Lerner, ENTRE’s founder, for over a decade, first as an executive assistant, then as the Chief Operations Officer of Xurli, A 2x INC5000 digital agency, and now as ENTRE’s Chief of Staff.

As Chief of Staff, Amber works across departments to deliver results with strong communication, meticulous organization, and a whole lot of grit, while also often acting as proxy for Jeff and (ENTRE co-founder) Adam. Possessing a rare combination of entrepreneurial scrappiness and professional discipline, Amber is a challenge junkie and loves to find new ways to compete with herself.

Whether it’s a hike with her two huskies, working alongside her husband to prepare their teenagers to go out and make their own mark on the world or facilitating a staff meeting at ENTRE, Amber is always striving to set a new “Personal Record” in her daily results.

Joe Shurtz
Chief Marketing Officer

Joe has answered the call to lead ENTRE in revolutionizing entrepreneurial education DRAWING on his 20+ years' of industry experience and embodying ENTRE's goal of excellence in everything we do.

Joe keeps focused on investing in people, systems and technologies to create new boundaries in our pursuit of excellence. Nothing is more rewarding to Joe than supporting and witnessing the life-changing transformations of our students. When Joe is not thinking about educational outcomes, he can be found...just kidding! That's all Joe ever thinks about. (Well, that and the occasional fantasy about going on a world-tour with a European Melodic Rock band).

David Brubacher
Chief Product Officer

David "Bru" Brubacher has worked at tech companies primarily in Silicon Valley for the past 25 years. He was one of the first 100 employees at Amazon before stints at PayPal, LinkedIn, and has held multiple Chief Product Officer and COO roles at start-ups over the past 10 years. He has experience and expertise across all aspects of Product, Design, product development, and overall company operations. He graduated from Yale University and lives in Menlo Park, CA.

Randy Saban
VP Sales

Getting his start in the early days of Online Education, Randy has seen education transform from limited accessibility for those that had the resources to an inclusivity model that breaks boundaries of class, race, sex and country of origin. Along the journey Randy's passion has been to find the solutions for those that are underserved in both modality and affordability.

Today it is no longer about fitting into the traditional boxes of career and lifestyle. While there is a very important place in Randy's heart for traditional education, the new more tailored programs which allow for individuals to succeed with the unique freedom of working from home or on a smartphone have become his passion.

Custom fitting what we do for a living into the amazing worlds in which we grow, thrive, and play represents the highest standard of living ever known and Randy is glad to play a role in helping others to discover this.

Janice Hosea
VP People

As the Vice President of People for ENTRE, Janice leads our people strategy. With her 20+ years of experience in HR, Talent Acquisition, and Coaching, she collaborates with ENTRE’s senior leadership to help meet the organization's goals and strategy through people.

Aligned with the Core Values of Constantly Improving and Caring about People, Janice’s purpose-driven motivation propels her to provide the best service possible to ensure growth and advancement for our people and company as a whole. When she’s not focused on HR, she enjoys traveling with her husband and teenage children.

Denise Foss
VP Student Success

As VP of Student Success, Denise has the honor of leading Entre’s Student Success teams and strategy.

Having enjoyed an eclectic career path, including spending a decade performing around the world as a contemporary/theater dancer, Denise continues to be a lifelong learner and adventurer. She’s held a variety of operational leadership positions and is a former Consumer Director for digital skills training company General Assembly.

Denise also frequently volunteers with her husband at the Georgia Aquarium - an incredible place to learn about Earth’s underwater worlds - and is a Certified Life Coach.

Darren Scott
VP Engineering

Darren Scott possesses more than 25 years of technical leadership experience, having provided his expertise to renowned organizations such as the U.S. Navy, Viacom, Target, Wal-Mart, AT&T, Verizon, Novartis, Lilly, SchoolFusion/Blackboard, and Davita. He obtained his Computer Science education at the University of Wyoming, located in Laramie, Wyoming, and maintains a strong affinity for the state, frequently visiting it as a self-proclaimed Cowboy at heart.

In his personal life, Darren enjoys the restoration of antique furniture and has successfully refinished and restored numerous pieces, finding immense gratification in reviving discarded items. He has also been an avid reader since childhood and has amassed a personal library of over 7000 books, relishing in the opportunity to recommend exceptional literature.

Hailing from southwestern Denver, Colorado, Darren has resided throughout the United States but has developed a profound appreciation for the natural beauty of his home state. He currently resides with his wife in Aurora, Colorado.

Devika Darbari
VP Business Operations

Devika joins ENTRE as the VP of Business Operations leveraging her experience in combining technical, commercial, strategic operations, and people development skills to launch successful businesses from the ground up. She brings with her expertise in accelerating business growth by maximizing commercial and corporate opportunities.

Devika began her career in Product Management at Markit, a reputable data vendor within financial services. She then went on to become a Board Member and CEO of JDX Americas where her key areas of focus were entering new sectors, client acquisition, client retention, staff growth and business development, whilst creating consistency, structure and brand awareness. Since then, she has held several Global COO roles spanning small to medium sized organizations in the FinTech space.

Devika graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London with a BSc in Economics & Management and holds a Certificate in Spanish for Business Professionals. Her passion is music and being a passionate leader that inspires and empowers impactful change.

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