Founder/CEO Jeff Lerner explains the ENTRE mission
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ENTREnation is the premiere online community of entrepreneurs, lifelong learners, and awesome life livers!  Becoming a member gives you access to the training, support, and inspiration you need to help you build an awesome life and succeed in online business.

The 3 Ps Of Excellence

How To Have An Awesome Life...

Everyone wants an awesome life.  There's nothing special about wanting... But defining your awesome life and executing on a strategic plan to create it, regardless of personal circumstances, is something most don't ever do.  The ENTRE Blueprint breaks awesome living into 3 areas of excellence - the "3 Ps" - Personal, Professional, and Physical.



To architect our most awesome life we each must develop and maintain high standards for Personal Excellence (relationships and self-mastery), Professional Excellence (finances and world impact), and Physical Excellence (wellness and energy).  ENTRE Institute helps you tackle this project in real world terms - before an awesome life can be lived it must be paid for while growth and learning are a lot easier when pressure is relieved.


For most people the best opportunity to pay for their awesome life AND have the freedom to live it is through online business.  ENTRE Institute teaches online business and how to use it as a springboard to excellence in the 3 key areas of life.

Meet The Creator of ENTRE Institute...

Jeff Lerner
2x 8 Figure CEO/Founder
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Investor, Influencer, Creative
Trainer to over 150,000 awesome life seekers

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The ENTRE Formula For Empowering Life Change

Community Support, Specialized Knowledge, and Personal Development helping YOU take your Business and your Life to the Next Level...

Online Education & Training

Get all the resources you need to launch a new Internet Business from scratch or scale an existing business to the next level...

Live Events & Workshops

Networking, connection, and support from the world's premiere community of entrepreneurs, lifelong learners and awesome life seekers.  

Coaching & Personal Development

1-on-1 coaching to help you identify blind spots and achieve your goals. Plus a robust life development curriculum (The ENTRE Blueprint) taught and led by Jeff.

Take The First Step Here…

If you are uncertain about the future, frustrated with your current situation, or simply desire the freedom of Internet Business ownership, you’ve landed in the right place!


The ENTRE Blueprint is the ultimate Internet Business training that combines tactical training on the 3 most lucrative online business models with Jeff's unique "awesome life" method that combines psychology, economics, life coaching, and personal development.

Inside, you'll get trained on exactly how to implement the top 3 business models online you can use to pay for a more awesome life, as well as getting the mindset and strategies to ensure your success.

The ENTRE Blueprint also comes with access to a one-on-one Advisor to assist each student.