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We don’t stop at just amazing courses. ENTRE’s personalized experiences
are the quickest most effective way to develop our best selves.

At ENTRE, learning doesn’t stop with our world-class training and coaching. Every member of ENTRE’s management team has personally experienced the transformational power of well-crafted “experiences” to help develop our best selves. Being an ENTREpreneur is more than something one simply learns to do; it’s a way of being, it’s the ultimate version of ourselves that we become over time. ENTRE’s personalized experiences are the quickest and most effective way to see that happen.

ENTRE offers a variety of experiences for every level of ENTREpreneur that are designed to accelerate your development in every facet of your life. Whether you are dipping your toes in the water or you’re a seasoned ENTREpreneur with a thriving business wanting to go to the next level (or somewhere in between), ENTRE’s experiences are the most efficient way to level up and become the best version of yourself.

The most transformational experience offered within ENTRE Institute is a trilogy of events called The ENTRE Leadership Experience.

This event series is a complete transformational journey that takes attendants and shapes them into the leaders they were born to be. It’s a life-changing experience divided into three main events:


This is a three day experience that is metamorphic in its very design. Participants undergo a three day experiential journey to uncover their gaps in communication and influence in their relationships - both personal and professional. They’ll also have the unique opportunity to gain an objective view on areas in which they are still not taking advantage of their full potential or stepping up to the plate when it comes to taking responsibility over their results.

In the first segment of the class, participants will learn the tools to help them operate in new levels of mastery of communication and reach new depths of understanding with the people around them. This is no easy task and involves understanding the primary factors that drive ourselves and others from objective viewpoints never seen before. It also requires learning how to get out of “disempowering” thought patterns so you can see “value” from a more responsible perspective. At the end of this segment, students will be able to exponentially improve the positive influence they have in personal and professional relationships.

The second segment of the class shows attendees how to let go of past resentments and failures with new tools to build a new sense of resiliency and drive when it comes to taking on monster goals. Students also learn never-before-seen strategies in goal setting and removing obstacles.

The third segment moves into a new opportunity to take all they have learned about themselves and others and apply it to the real world. The ultimate goal is to build a true long - lasting application of self-mastery and ownership of self that they will be able to leverage in a real and results - oriented way immediately and proficiently in their lives.

Takeaways include:

  • Better techniques for stress management
  • Better solution orientation
  • Better life balance strategies
  • Clearer definition of personal strengths and leverage components
  • Truer sense of self
  • More self-confidence
  • Clearer vision of success
  • Getting out of victim mentality
  • More effective communication
  • Deeper understanding of cognitive framing
  • Higher application of the law of attraction
  • Moving through past and current conflicts faster and with less emotional baggage
  • Extending all results in professional and personal realms


The next step in our personal growth trilogy picks up where INSIGHT leaves off and is dedicated to empowering extreme change in our subconscious mind. After the amazing discoveries that our first event provides, the participants of IMPACT buckle up for a week of total immersion into uncharted territory where they’ll be challenged in a variety of settings.

With elements of both classroom-style experiences and breakthroughs, and outdoor elemental challenges in which participants will have to tear their old facades down and rebuild the bigger, more authentic them, this part of the experience is a true “reset” of their natural autopilot. So many of us have settled into comfort and mediocrity and slowly lost some of what we were put on this planet to do… and that’s exactly what IMPACT sets to get out from each one of us.

Every aspect of this class is designed - with maximum velocity - to help you recreate your relationship with abundance. It uses fear as a primary driver to help you identify exactly what your stages of resistance are, and what it takes to bust through them quickly and consistently. You’ll learn to shed all past stories and failures, and build a clear and concise 1, 3, and even 5-year vision.

This is truly a course for those who are serious about going to the next level in life results and satisfaction and giving up all excuses of living a small existence.

Takeaways include:

  • Knowing fear and moving through it
  • New relationship with an abundance and gratitude mindset
  • New elements of trust and intuitive listening
  • Renewed vision and clarity in purpose and direction
  • Techniques for moving through the stages of resistance
  • Inspired concise action
  • Tools for staying 100 % in the present
  • Fuller relationship with self and alignment thus furthering every relationship in your life
  • New belief of self and new mastery of emotional temperament


The pinnacle of our personal development trilogy is INFLUENCE.

This class is a 9-day full submersion in extreme leadership, and its purpose is to create leaders of the future - those who will not bow down to circumstance or status quo. Those leaders we are as a society screaming out for who will take a stand and be the greatest examples of strength and service to the world that is possible.

With the tools already attained in the first two classes of the trilogy, graduates should now be equipped with the hard and soft skills necessary to create new results and operate at higher levels of success. INFLUENCE meets them with the opportunities to now hone their leadership potential.

INFLUENCE is for those truly committed to taking their lives to the next level. Going beyond the emphasis on self-discovery and awareness, INFLUENCE will stretch you beyond what you believe your limits really are.

The purpose of INFLUENCE is to create leaders who can inspire others to action and accountability without micromanaging or manipulation. In an environment filled with empowerment, honesty, and accountability, you will come to own your personal power and discover that your capabilities for achieving massive results and becoming the person that you truly want to be are unlimited. INFLUENCE examines and challenges the fundamental principles by which you live. Rather than accepting traditional male and female stereotypes - or rebelling against them - you will be challenged to think for yourself in an empowering environment of honesty.

Your reward in this powerful 9-day seminar is not just clarity and authenticity; it's breaking down the antiquated constructs that stopped you from achieving your true potential, so you can start demonstrating full ownership and leverage as the true leader you have always been capable of being.

Whether you’re a high-powered executive, a mid-level manager, or an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you will discover your potential for leadership at INFLUENCE. Working alongside other teams, you’ll bring forth a natural ability to inspire and motivate others into inspired action, and have the tools to communicate ideas more clearly and powerfully. INFLUENCE will teach you to celebrate your personal power and experience and have a renewed appreciation and respect for those around you.

Blending intellectual and physical activities in indoor and outdoor settings, INFLUENCE demands excellence from every participant. You’ll be faced with obstacles and challenges that at first seem impossible to overcome. But in the end, you will emerge as the true leader that can build and sustain the massive vision of your life while building teams of support to have it happen faster, and more effectively than you ever imagined.

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