Episode 7 - "The TriFecta of Human Achievement"

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

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Ok, on to today’s Episode…

Welcome to the show! Today I’m flying solo discussing a very interesting topic, a finding of mine in 2018, that can make a dramatic difference in your life… This “TriFecta of Human Achievement” concept really helps a lot if you’re beginning to plan a new chapter in your life, a new year, or a new business. For those of you who I don’t know or who don’t know me, 2019 will mark my 23rd year as an Entrepreneur, sales professional and/or business owner. In all of that time, two decades plus, I’ve never really worked for anybody but myself. Naturally, in that amount of time, you find out a lot about yourself, and what makes Entrepreneurs tick. On this show, I talk to the most successful people in high profile industries who make it happen day in and day out. I’ve studied the greats, and I built the show around the best performing Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, and Athletes. Through this work, I’ve identified the Three Commonalities that all the “great ones” tend to possess. I’ll break down each one, give examples of high achievers in modern day culture, and explain why this is critical if you’re stuck somewhere in your life, or if you just want to get to the next level!


  • Why a lot of people don’t make it as an entrepreneur when they don’t have the structure of an employee.

  • The three Pillars of Human Achievement and “stick”:

  1. Professional Development. There’s always a level of career training, industry related growth and continued education that has to take place. Of the three Pillars, this is usually the one I see  a plan for the most, because often times it is needed just to stay sharp in our current industry.

  2. Personal Development. This is where mindset and personal growth comes in. Having a game plan around your attitude and your belief systems are key, and I find that the great ones read the books and attend the seminars. Anytime I am struggling or having a hard time in my business, I always found that I have veered off from reading or listening around the topic of personal development.

  3. Physical Development. Taking care of ourselves leads to better performance professionally and feeling better so our attitude is better. This often comes last, and yet we can’t take care of others successfully when we are neglecting ourselves.

  • These three Pillars are like the three legs of a stool, if one is weak then they are all weak.

  • When the “greats” have a set back, they make it into a set up for the next level up.

  • If you are struggling in any area of your life, it’s probably be a good litmus test to examine where you are at in these three Pillars.


  • “When you go off on your own, you must take responsibility for every aspect of your growth, both professional and personal.”

  • “You are only as strong as your weakest link.”

  • “Work harder on yourself than you do on your business.” - Jim Rohn

  • “I’ve never seen anyone have success for long that didn’t have a game plan or system on personal development.”

  • “You can’t make anyone else strong around you, if you aren’t taking care of yourself and making yourself strong.”


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