Episode - 9 "How To Create Winning LIVE Events For Your Business" with Guest, Josh Nelson

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Today we’re talking good old-fashion LIVE events!

That’s right, Live Events for businesses and brands are back and better than ever. Well, the truth is they never left. They just feel “back” because they’ve actually become a necessity for real, long term customer growth nowadays.

Personally, I’ve led well over 100 business events in the form of local seminars and national conferences. Today, my guest and I will be showing you exactly WHY you need one and HOW to create one for your business and/or your brand...

I have with me here in the Lab, long-time Mastermind member and client of mine, Josh Nelson. Josh is the CoFounder of one of the largest Internet Marketing agencies in the country serving the Plumbing & HVAC industry. They just landed on the Inc. 5000 List for the 3rd year in a row. He’s also the creator of 7-Figure Agency, where he shows Agency owners from all walks of life how to grow and scale their Digital Marketing Agencies.

I wanted to have Josh on for this Live Event topic because he just finished leading his first ever live workshop. I over saw the planning process with him for about 2 months and his event was a smashing success. Today, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes and sharing a bit about the planning and execution process for Live Events. If you’re an Entrepreneur, Business Owner or a Leader in your field, this topic today will be an important one for you in making the leap top the next level. Josh, welcome to the Lab!


  • Why live events instead of just online marketing?

  • How live events can both support what people already know, and teach them what they need to learn.

  • The longevity that can be created when you jump from just being online to the next level of live events.

  • Ways to develop content and core strategy while also involving others to get great results on live events.

  • How to get clear on the outcome, which ultimately helps shape the theme and reverse engineers the content strategy.

  • How breaking down content into segments of teach, show and do greatly simplifies what is needed in a workshop.

  • Where should I start - half a day, a full day, a weekend or longer?

  • The breakdown and definition between seminars, workshop and conferences, and how to know which one is right for you.

  • The key themes of landing clients, serving clients with great results, and retaining the clients that game up as pain points, and how they work on them in the live event model.

  • The marketing Josh did for his own events, and how they used Facebook advertising in his multi-step campaign.

  • Why developing a prospect Facebook group is great for building a community to let them know about upcoming events and encouraging interactive engagement.

  • The best models to build authority and attract interest in the live event.

  • The most controversial piece — should these events be free or paid?

  • How to set yourself apart in a live event, and create content that is compelling and high quality.

  • How to build your team, and what areas you should have set in place to support in the logistics even if it’s just for the day of event.

  • Why investing in good quality video and audio is key to creating great branding assets that can be used and syndicated on other platforms.

  • The personal element of live seminars that is key to creating long term working relationships.


  • “You don’t know something until you start to teach it to others.”

  • “The best way to get undivided attention is really to get people together in a live space.”

  • “There’s never been a better opportunity to test ideas virtually.” - AC

  • “It’s an opportunity to carve out an niche, and a live event will certainly do that.” - AC

  • “It’s amazing who you meet when you not only do a live event, but get out there and attend them.” - AC


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