Episode - 8 "The NEW Rules of Social Media for Business" with Andrew Cass & Jeff Lerner

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I have with me here in the Lab today, my good friend and Business Partner, an Inc. 5000 CEO in 2018, Jeff Lerner, my Co-Author on NEW Money Playbook and also my first ever guest on SuccessLab Radio… And we’re talking The NEW Rules of Social Media for Business.


  • What we’ve identified in the past year to be the most important steps for making social media work for your business.

  • The adjustments we’ve made to our own personal brands, to the brand of our company, and the ones we’ve seen from top Entrepreneurs & Business leaders.

  • Why Jeff and I both feel as though this is the single most important conversation to have in business right now.

  • The major changes 2018/2019 marked in consumerism, and the shift from direct sales to building credibility, visibility, and influence.

  • How an entrepreneur can hang out “in the club” of the social space while staying true to monetary goals and objectives.

  • Why the term “Pre-Suasion” is spot on, and if you want to sell in a sales resistant environment, you have to have people already pre-sold on YOU. There is a method for doing it.

  • How social media is a “long game”, and your strategy must build and retain trust, goodwill, and accountability if you want to go the distance.

  • Where to start and what you need to know about The Big 3: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • The reality that attention is currency.

  • Why we see top business owners resist adopting social media, and how to begin taking even just the first baby step into social media branding.

  • How to operate in multiple forms of advertising while using social media to build credibility.

  • How we separate personal social media activity from business social media activity - This is critical.

  • Examples of brands that create warm and entertaining content.

  • Why leaders and CEOs must now adopt what Andrew has coined, a “Trust-Based Positioning” approach. And they must be willing to be out front today because people tend to buy people before they buy products and services.

  • Why hiring a celebrity and a professional athlete is a strategy that can lend monster credibility to your brand.

  • When we ask the right questions, it helps us create a presence on social media that is interesting, enticing and relevant.


“This is the single most important conversation businesses should have right now.”

“If you want to sell to people, you have to go where they are paying attention.”

“We’ve had conversations with people that would rather get a root canal than deal with the realities of what social media has done to marketing.”

“The hardest part of management is making decisions.”

“A lot of us have erroneously categorized social media as this childish thing, so we just don’t do it. Big mistake.”

“Advertising is a lot like asking someone to go out with you. It’s a courting process.”

“Great CEOs and leaders recognize where they’re not strong, and they find someone or something else to be strong for them.”

“Start acting as if social media is hugely important.”

“Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn



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