Episode 3 – Cage Match: “Social Media Marketing vs. Email Marketing” with guest Jonathan Mizel

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

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The battle rages on… In fact, it’s more heated and more intense than ever before… There’s blood in the streets…

Now, I know that may sound more like a Saturday night MMA match than a Marketing debate but as you’ll discover in this Episode of SuccessLab Radio, this IS a critical topic that could make or break your business in the years ahead.

Social Media Marketing vs Email Marketing? Which should I know, which should I do? Is it both or is it one or the other? That answer, just ahead…

My guest today is Jonathan Mizel, an old friend, referred to by many as, The Godfather of Internet Marketing, he has been selling online and mentoring entrepreneurs since the birth of the commercial Internet in 1992. In fact, I met him after I became a customer of one of his Email Marketing courses way back in 2008 and since then we’ve worked together on multiple projects and still do to this day…

He’s an expert at generating massive amounts of targeted traffic, and specializes in email marketing, list building, and developing Joint Venture relationships. This is the guy who invented the term “Squeeze Page” and then used it to generate over 2 Million subscribers in less than 18 months. This, before anyone had a clue how to generate leads for their business from the Internet.

At the same time, Jonathan is a down-to-earth guy who lives in Maui, Hawaii and does what he does primarily for the lifestyle. He’s as comfortable in the boardroom as he is on the beach (but make no mistake, he does prefer the beach).

He’s advised some of the biggest web sites online, and is particularly drawn to entrepreneurs in growth mode – Those who want to take their business to the 7-figure level, 8-figure level, and beyond. That’s his personal passion – hyper-growth.

Not too many people are more qualified to chime in on this “Cage Match” than Jonathan is, so let’s dig in.

Jonathan Mizel, welcome to The Lab…

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • Jonathan’s story, and how he got into the world of internet marketing and business before anyone even had proof of concept.

  • How an auto-response back from The White House sparked Jonathan’s interest in the commercial internet.

  • The way Jonathan approached the internet, similar to proven direct marketing and advertising modalities.

  • The Big Two: social media marketing (new media) vs. email marketing (old media). Jonathan defines them each, what their function is, how they go together, and in what capacity each should be used.

  • What open rates of 70-80% on a mobile device means for the way we go about e-mail marketing.

  • The biggest reasons email marketing is so much more effective and compelling for immediate and engaged action than social media.

  • The tendency (and mistake!) for business owners to neglect building an email list and direct mail list in the way of focusing efforts on building followers.

  • Why your goal should be to build and own your asset, and to drive social media to build your own list.

  • It’s not either – it’s both, and all feeding each other. The most effective businesses are in our inbox, in our physical mail, and have a social media presence. Social media should be used to build a bigger, better email list.

  • How a business owner can convert a big following on social media to an even bigger asset that they own.

  • The way social media fools us into paying for clicks, and the changes in their algorithm to make us spend even more money to reach an audience.

  • Why likes are not nearly as valuable as driving people outside of the platform to a lead capture page where someone has to opt in.

  • How entrepreneurs can use social media effectively to take the user offline, and use social to tease people into opting in to a micro commitment on another lead capture page.

  • Using videos, advertorials, and blogs to encourage engagement and opt ins.

  • We don’t need MORE content, we need BETTER content.

Words of Wisdom:

“There were no rules, and no way of doing things. I could make things up as a I went along.”

“We want them to do something, request something or watch something. We want them to take some sort of action. The e-mail list is by far more responsive.”

“Social media is so much more easier to ignore. Your mom never takes out a Facebook ad to tell you to come over for dinner.”

“Social media is effective and great for branding and visibility, but also causing a huge distraction in which business owners are neglecting the real assets that can be built in the business, which is owning an email list and owning a direct mail list.”

“If you are trying to build a business, your goal should be to build an asset. Even if you never intend on selling your company, you still want an asset.”

“I use the social to build the email, and I’ll send emails out to engage in social media. But which one will be around 10 years from now? It will be the email list.”

“How big is your circle of influence that no one can take away from you? That is your email list, and not your social presence.’

“People hear that content is king and important, and they misinterpret that and think they need to be writing 100 articles and to be blogging three times a week.”

“You have to be careful not to confuse activity with accomplishment.” – Dan Kennedy

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