Episode 2 – “The State of The Information Marketing / Online Education Industry” With, Mike Dillard

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

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Before Google was a known search engine, before Facebook was a thought and before social media even existed… I had decided I wanted to become an Internet Entrepreneur. An odd, unknown profession at the time. The year was 2004. People thought I was nuts! Something about running a business from a laptop, from anywhere in the world, on my own time intrigued me (as I’m sure it intrigues many). I had become a Millionaire at the age of 27 through the Investment Banking industry. I left that industry around the age of 30, sold my home on Long Island, NY for double what I paid for it, bought a condominium in Miami and decided to head south to the beach (literally) to begin my so-called “Laptop Lifestyle.”

The question was: how does one make a living from the Internet when this Internet thing is really just in its infancy stages?

I invested a great deal of time and money to find that answer…

The answer: Information Marketing.

You see, at this time, while many thought of the Internet just in terms of Email, there was an underground world brewing, a small world of Entrepreneurs who were selling books, courses and training programs through the mail. Well, they began to realize that they could now sell their products and services, not just by good, old-fashioned snail mail, but on the Internet as well, to anyone, anywhere in the world who had an Internet connection. And they could do it really fast! This was a “gold rush” moment. Based on my research at the time, I knew it. And I wanted in. So, I began to search for WHO was already established and making it in this space…

That search quickly led me to my guest today, Mike Dillard. I came across a simple $37 eBook that Mike published online on how to generate leads from the Internet, and I was riveted. It was exactly what I was looking for at the time. It was as if the web site, the free online training he created, and the sales page for this eBook were in a league of its own. I came to find out later, they were.

This little “Information Product” that influenced so many, so fast was just the “on-ramp” for what became a $10 Mill+ enterprise in just a few short years. Again, this is before Google, Facebook and Social Media even existed. Impressive, to say the least. Fortunately for me, Mike and I got a chance to meet in person at an event, develop a business relationship working together as Affiliate Marketers in the same company where we became top producers, and create friendship that still exists today…

Mike is one of only three Information Marketers who has had the greatest impact on me as I’ve developed myself as Internet Entrepreneur over the past 13 years. For the record, Mike you are the first of the three and it’s an honor to have you here with me today.

Mike, welcome to the Lab…

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • How a $37 training manual Mike wrote for his team on how to attract leads to them spawned into an empire and set Mike’s career on a new trajectory.

  • The state of the information marketing industry / online education industry.

  • Mike’s backstory from Network Marketing to Info Marketing / Education.

  • How does one install an info-marketing component into their business?Info Marketing: Then vs Now.

  • How does mass amount of media options now help or hurt entry into this space?

  • What Mike is looking at / investing in today?

  • How Magnetic Sponsoring challenged the status quo of information marketing, and provided a paradigm shift.

  • The post-crash era model of Elevation Group, and the purpose it serves to empower people with the investing strategies of the wealthy.

  • Mike’s passion for clean, organic eating, and his desire to help change the food industry.

  • Mike’s investment in the ag-tech culture, and how Self Made Man actualized by accident through this development.

  • What is Online Education, and Information Marketing, and why does Mike feel it’s one of the single most important areas for a new entrepreneur to get involved in?

  • How a business owner differentiates and stays a step ahead, and how does one install an information marketing component to their business.

  • How everything is worthless, until you acquire the ability to convert your customer and actually sell your products.

  • Why studying copywriting, and direct response is one of the first essential things to study and master when starting a path down information marketing.

  • The most essential way to build a customer base and earn money as an information marketer. (Hint, you have a lot to do with it!)

  • How one can make a transition from a brick and mortar career to an information marketing one.

  • Mike’s attention to cryptocurrency, aging and health, and the opportunities he sees in these industries within the next several years.

Words of Wisdom:

“Once you know how to build an actual real business and you have this skill set of online marketing, the network marketing industry doesn’t make a lot of sense to be involved in anymore.”

“I was tired of being the guru, it’s a treadmill you can’t get off of, and it never ends, and I wanted to do something different and challenge myself as an entrepreneur.”

“The solution around the podcast was, what’s the single most efficient way for me to deliver value on a weekly basis to my readers?”

“The goal for Self Made Man is to build a business that is not about my brand personally, and it’s a company about providing others a soapbox to provide their value with.”

“The most valuable commodity in the world is information.”

“I could not find the solution I was looking for, so I had to create it.”

“If you are completely transparent and authentic with people, that’s such a rare commodity that people will flock to you because they have somebody they can trust.”

“It’s tough to outsource your personality.”

Special Resources Mentioned On The Show:

Self Made Man: www.SelfMadeMan.com

ClickFunnels: www.BuildMyOwnFunnels.com

The Freedom Experience: www.MyFreedomExperience.com

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