Episode - 10 "How To Double Your Sales Instantly with The 2x3 Selling Method" with Andrew Cass

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

We are all in sales today to some degree, whether it’s closing a big deal for your company, selling your idea to the Sharks on Shark Tank, or something as simple as selling your toddler on why they need to go to bed, NOW.

In business and in life, we win by moving people to a decision. We lose when we cannot. What I'm going to show you in The Lab today is the most reliable sales formula you will ever implement into your presentations. A bold statement I know. But what if I’m right?

The best part: It’s so simple, it will shock you. It’s so underused today, it shocks me.

For the record, I did not invent this formula. It is one of the oldest, most effective direct response copywriting and persuasion formulas ever created. Versions of it have been around for decades. I’ve put my own touch on it, based on my 22-years in the sales and marketing arena, and I’ve coined it, The 2x3 Selling Method. It truly can double (2x) your sales with only three (3) steps.

In fact, I included this as bonus chapter in my book, Sales Velocity, which is an Amazon best seller.

I know of not one ultra-successful sales presentation that does not integrate these 3 concepts I’ll be dissecting today. And, just about all sales presentations that fail lack almost all of them.

If you or a team member sell on the phone, face to face, on webinars or in front of a live audience ALL of this applies and this is a must listen. There is not one sales environment that this method does not work in. So if you want to amp up your company’s sales or the sales of a client you may be advising, this Episode of SuccessLab Radio will be a big one for you…

Lets dig in...


  • Why getting the client to agree with you early on is a critical step that must precede any presentation.

  • How to create an instant rapport, and the mistakes novice salespeople often make.

  • Where I first learned about the three part formula of problem, agitate and solution, and why I quickly started seeing results when implementing it.

  • Why the order of The 2x3 Selling Method is important.

  • The two core decision drivers of your clients: pain and gain, and which one is more beneficial to identify first.

  • If the problem isn’t nailed down early, prospects will not be ready to receive your solution.

  • Example of actual sales copy to really nail the idea of crystallizing the problem and speaking right to the obvious pain.

  • Why “the emotional nudge” is key to connecting with your prospects and fully understanding the agitate stage.

  • The real cost that comes with a lack of passion and belief in your solution.

  • Sales copy examples of integrating emotion that supports not solving the problem.

  • The best ways to communicate the outcome, or “solution”, that your product provides.


  • “We need to be crystal clear on the problem at hand.”

  • “Getting and keeping attention today is the name of the game.”

  • “If you truly believe in what you do, you will be real passionate about presenting the problem.”

  • “There is a level of training that comes with injecting emotion.”


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