Episode 1 – “The Five Pillars Of Entrepreneurship” With Guest, Jeff Lerner

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

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In 2016 I reached out to an old friend I had lost touch with to see what he was up to and to see if he may be interested in looking at a new Internet Marketing venture that I was analyzing. He and I were part of a small group of top Affiliates in the same company years back. At the time, he was busy building a digital marketing agency that was doing quite well, bringing in a few Million dollars per year in revenue. Needless to say, he wasn’t looking at any new ventures. But something I said to him caught his attention and something he saw got him excited…

Fast forward to 2018…Not only did we go on to work on that Internet Marketing venture together, that tripled the sales for the company we worked with, but in 2017 we decided to partner and create our own Entrepreneurial training company. In less than two short years we’ve grown the company to just shy of the 8-Figure level and we’ve just cemented a new Mission which is: Building the Complete Entrepreneur. And And the way we do it is through a proprietary process called: The 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship.

We’ll be sharing this unique formula with you here today in Episode 1 of SuccessLab Radio. The best part about this is that anyone regardless of their experience as an Entrepreneur or Business Owner will gain great clarity and momentum when they install these 5 Pillars into their business.

My guest is Jeff Lerner, serial Entrepreneur, Investor, CEO of two companies and an amazing husband and dad to 4 children. He is one of the brightest individuals I know and I’m proud to call him my friend and business partner. No one breaks down the 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship better than Jeff does. Jeff, welcome to The Lab.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

The Five Pillars of Entrepreneurship:

1. Mindset 2. Mission 3. Marketing 4. Money 5. Management

  • The Five Pillars are a framework for successful operations in life. It applies to business, and broadly to our life mission and life execution, moving from the inside out as concentric circles.

  • As the most internal piece, we must be structured, and routine driven around our mindset. Much like our diet and physical health, we have to be very deliberate about what we take in.

  • Why each of the pillars must be tended to in order to have a high-level machine firing on all cylinders.

  • How to convert mindset intake to practical experiences in our life and make it a process rather than just a consumption. An example can be writing or saying out loud the lessons you learned to process in the information and integrate it into your own sphere.

  • The common thread in high achievers of being mindset oriented, and how exactly to stay consistent with turning input into action.

  • When you get the mindset right, everything seems to flow.

  • How to find your mission, and why 99% of people have no clue of the mission behind their life, let alone their business.

  • How our mission is the unit of measurement for our business, and life.

  • We took this solopreneur framework of Mindset, Marketing and Money, and added in Mission to animate the framework, and Management to scale for impact.

  • Smart missions must be specific, achievable, meaningful, relevant and timely.

  • Why you must become (or partner with) a marketing master, whether you like it or not to drive the right kind of clientele into your business. If your mindset and mission are developed, your business will still fall short if the marketing is not set in place.

  • The mindset starts in the head, the mission in the heart, and the marketing is what comes out through your limbs, and hands, and is the actual work that you do.

  • When we talk about marketing, we see it as the mechanics of business. Unless marketing is happening, demand is being created, sales is there to create exchange of value to currency, all the rest of the work is wasted.

  • Marketing is the practical application of your theory.

  • The importance of brand loyalty, to give your audience a sense connection and feeling.

  • What direct response marketing is, and how it can tell the story of your brand or business solving the problem of your market’s needs.

  • Where a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck or lost in marketing, and how to reshift so you don’t waste your time, and get your message heard.

  • We know it’s scary to be responsible for all of these elements, but know the benefits are so worth it.

  • How so many entrepreneurs can make money, but yet not have any.

  • How to know if you can turn money into wealth, and why having almost an obsession with it is crucial.

  • Leveraging the human capital and our people resources is one of the most valuable and crucial aspects of growth.

  • Your Power 100 list are the 100 most important people that can move the needle in your lives.

  • Jeff’s upbringing with money as a tool, much as though a tradesman would talk about a hammer, and how it affected his mindset and interest towards generational wealth.

  • What it means to employ money, and why you want to be the boss of your own wealth.

  • The importance of management mojo and momentum within the people you know, and the relationships you have with them.

  • Management is how you engage with everyone in the world that isn’t you.

  • We are about to do our third The Freedom Experience, and love the practical and tangible results it helps people align with movement and a upward spiral of momentum in all The Five Pillars. The event is Sept 13 – 15 in San Diego, CA.

  • “As you evolve, The Five Pillars are an upward spiral, and will evolve around you.”

  • Plus so much more…

Words of Wisdom:

“This is framework for successful operations in life. It applies to business, and I think it applies to our life mission and execution.”

“Every day I wake up and the very first order of business the day is to get my head right, and in the space where I can go out and execute what I want to do.”

“There is something about having a mission that drives you.”

“If you want to make an impact on this world, there’s got to be movement.”

“The most successful business owners in the world, are great at marketing, converting their money and income into wealth, and they are mindset-oriented individuals.”

“As moral people, we have a responsibility to make money, deploy it and to put it into productive capacity. Because if we don’t, someone else will.”

“You want money to be your best employee, and you want to be money’s best boss.”

“People are conditioned to want feeling and connection in everything they do.”

“It stems back to the people, not the technology.”

“You don’t want to be doing things in your life because you are afraid of the question, ‘What happens if I don’t’ “

Special Resources Mentioned On The Show:

The Freedom Experience

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